Micah Bemenderfer

June 28, 2024

Passage Read: Ezekiel 28-31
Meditation Verses: 29:6-7


The Lord promises destruction on Egypt because they were an unreliable help to Israel. Most of the nations around Israel have derided them and mocked them and rejoiced over Israel's misery, so the Lord has promised to destroy them. But Egypt offered aid, made an alliance with Israel. But when time came for Egypt to help, they were no help at all, and the Lord counts this against them. The Lord also holds against Israel this covenant they made with Egypt. They looked to men for help against their enemy instead of looking to the Lord and recognizing why they were in trouble: Because they turned from the Lord and didn't do His will. So really, anyone who helped Israel was going to fail, because the Lord was against Israel. The only way to help Israel was to rebuke them for turning to other gods. Yet God lists this as a cause for His judgment on Egypt, that they were more harm than good to Israel.


It is a bad idea to mock Israel and desire their downfall. The Lord takes that personally and will repay those who hate His people with wrath and destruction. But it is also a bad idea to be an unreliable help to Israel, to give them confidence in their rebellion and sin, to encourage them to carry on when they are storing up wrath against themselves from the Lord. What Israel needs most when they are in sin is to be rebuked, not backed up, to be pleaded with to repent and get right with God, so that God is free to fight for them rather than remain furious with them and needing to humble them. Because if I join in the battle to help them, I won't be able to deliver them. No one is mighty enough to thwart God's discipline; then God will also be angry with me because I gave useless help, help that was more harmful than helpful. The same is true for any who claim to trust Christ. If they are in sin, the worst thing I can do is pat them on the back and encourage them that all is fine and I'll help when trouble comes. The best thing I can do is call them to repent and promise to support them when they do.