Micah Bemenderfer

June 27, 2024

Passage Read: Ezekiel 24-27
Meditation Verse: 24:14


Israel is beloved by the Lord. Jerusalem is His chosen dwelling place. Yet they have defiled themselves; they have cast off restraint and tossed aside the Law of the Lord. They do as they please. They do as the nations who do not know God do. They are not ashamed of their ways, they are not afraid to do what the Lord has forbidden or to turn away from what the Lord has commanded. So the Lord prepares disaster for them that He will not be sorry for. He will not relent or pity those of Israel who reject Him and His ways. Is the Church any different? Is the Church any better? Doesn't He have planned for us such disaster like the world has never seen? Are we deceiving ourselves? Do we think we are so safe, righteous by the blood of Jesus, so that it doesn't matter what we do or fail to do? Do we really think we will escape His anger? Have we forgotten how to fear Him? Have we not filled our cities, our streets, our sanctuaries, our homes with abominations? Are we really so much better than Israel?


The godlessness among churches that abandon the Word of God is on full display, and they claim to represent God more accurately than others who do hold to a shred of Scripture. The immorality that has been covered so carefully even among those who appear to respect God's Word is seeping out into the light. The evil that has been done in the halls of our churches and behind the closed doors of our homes; judgment like never before is coming on us, worse than what Israel ever suffered. To cast out those who claim the Lord but lie, to purify those who love the Lord but are confused by the false teachers and false doctrines and false believers who distort and discredit the Word of God. Such judgment is coming to cleanse His Bride and to rid her of all her evil influences. It is time to fear the Lord and repent of our waywardness and turn back to His ways; anyone who is unwilling to repent will be swept away. They are a plague on the Church.