Micah Bemenderfer

July 2, 2024

Passage Read: Ezekiel 44-47
Meditation Verses: 44:23-24


So the priests will teach the people to obey the Law of Moses in all is points, including the laws of cleanness and uncleanness. Whenever there is a dispute, they will judge the people according to all God's laws and statutes. So the Law with be the law of the land of Israel, and if this really points to the millennial reign of Christ, then the Law will likely be the law of all lands. The Law has never been done away with and is still God's standard of righteousness on earth, and will continue to be. In Christ I have already been judged and condemned in accordance with its requirements, and I've even been put to death as it demands. But also in Christ I have been raised as a new creation, perfect in righteousness and holiness, which means I should delight in the Law and all it teaches, because it describes the righteousness of God, in the likeness of which I have been newly created.


The Law was never meant to be burdensome, but beautiful. It is burdensome only because my flesh hates it and drives me to rebel against it. But now I have a new nature and the Spirit of God dwelling in me, both of which by nature should delight in the godliness described by the Law. I still dwell in my sinful flesh, and so still have that tension, that rebellious influence, but greater is He that is in me than the sin that dwells in my flesh. I have more on my side than David and the saints of old, who truly delighted in God's Law. I should be able to do even better than them.