Micah Bemenderfer

July 3, 2024

Passage Read: Ezekiel 48 - Daniel 3
Meditation Verse: Daniel 3:28


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego weren't trying to be rebellious and agitators, but only trying to be personally faithful to God. They could not worship any god or idol, in obedience to the Lord, to worship Him alone. It was because others pointed them out, dragged them before the king that they became known. When questioned by the king, they freely confessed their reason for refusing to bow to the king's image, and accepted humbly the consequence of their disobedience. In everything they showed true faith in God and fearlessness toward the king and regarding their own lives. They were willing to die for their commitment to God. But they weren't trying to stir up trouble or encourage rebellion against the king.


I want the courage and conviction of these three men, to trust so fully in the Lord that I obey His commands even if it infuriates the ruler of my land. I don't need to blab it about, I just need to personally obey. I don't need to draw attention to myself or go on a rampage against the ruler; I just need to do what God clearly commands and expects. If the Lord wants me to be made into a spectacle, that is His prerogative. But even in that, I don't need to speak against the ruler or speak evil of him or his command; I just need to explain my commitment to obey the Lord.