Micah Bemenderfer

July 4, 2024

Passage Read: Daniel 4-7
Meditation Verses: 6:20-23


Daniel had so distinguished himself that Darius had so much respect for him, even caring about him. Darius tried to put off sentencing Daniel, and when he couldn't put it off any longer, he regretfully cast Daniel into the lion's den, saying, "Your God will deliver you." Daniel, for his part, made no defense or argument, apparently at complete peace with what was happening, trusting fully in God's deliverance or ready to depart and be with His Lord. First thing in the morning, the king went out to see if Daniel's God has delivered him, and sure enough, He had. Daniel spoke with respect and without trace of bitterness against the king or against those who set him up, assuring the king that God had delivered him.


The more I believe in the Lord and trust Him with my life, the less I have to fear losing my life or being attacked or hated by others. I can have confidence that God will bring punishment upon those who deserve it; I don't have to seek vengeance. I don't have to fear when they try to kill me. I don't have to fear or hate those who hate me and what I stand for. If I really trust God, I can obey Him and do His will in complete peace, even when serving Him is outlawed. I clearly need to grow in that.