Micah Bemenderfer

July 1, 2024

Passage Read: Ezekiel 40-43
Meditation Verses: 43:6-11


A voice comes from the temple with a man standing beside Ezekiel, saying that this is His dwelling place forever among the Israelites. The Israelites are to remove the dead bodies of their kings from near Him when they die, which implies that this temple must yet be during the reign of Christ, when there are people who can die living on the earth. Is it the Father speaking, on behalf of His Son? Is it the Son standing beside Ezekiel? Will that last generation of Jews living during the reign of Christ fulfill the promise of the Law, not only by becoming the head of all nations and enjoying unprecedented blessing, but also by walking in obedience to the Law, such that they gain the right of eternal life, which also qualifies them to enjoy these blessings promised in the Law? The plans for the temple have been made public, though Ezekiel was told to show them to the Israelites only if they were ashamed of their sin, and by implication, repentant. Will there be among the last generation of Jews a cohort that truly repents and desires to glorify and honor the Lord as He originally commanded? Are they the 144,000 who are sealed at the time of the rapture? Or are the 144,000 a portion of that remnant?


I am eager to see how all these things fit together and find fulfillment. The Lord is amazing in His plans and purposes, and His wisdom is beyond measure. But He reveals things and gives clues and shares with those He delights in. If I am ashamed of my sin and ready to repent, if I repent and seek to honor the Lord by my obedience to His Word, then He will be willing to show me great and mighty things which I didn't know before. The Lord is good and righteous and holy, and He keeps every Word He establishes. He will keep every promise He has made, in ways I don't even fully understand. And He will be proved right in everything He has said. And I will see how these things unfold, because of His promise to me through Jesus His Son.