Micah Bemenderfer

June 29, 2024

Passage Read: Ezekiel 32-35
Meditation Verses: 34:2-6


The shepherds of Israel didn't care for the Lord's flock, they didn't care for the welfare of the people, but only their own welfare. They abused the sheep and used the sheep, but couldn't be bothered to care for the needy among the sheep. They were too lazy and too busy with their own pleasures. The weak and needy were too troublesome and time-consuming. The leaders let the people go off after whatever gods they wanted. They let the people behave however they wanted. They allowed it because it's what they themselves wanted to do. Indeed, they set the pattern of turning away from the Lord and living according to their fleshly desires, so that all the people also turned to their flesh for guidance. The faithful among the people were easy prey for the godless, and the rulers did nothing to protect or defend them. They encouraged every man to do what was right in their own eyes, because that's what they wanted for themselves, and relieved them of responsibility.


A godly shepherd seeks the lost by preaching the Gospel and calling people to believe the Lord and walk in His ways. That's how he gathers the Lord's flock. All are sheep but not all belong to the Lord, not all are part of the Lord's flock. It's the Gospel and the whole counsel of God that identifies the Lord's sheep and restores His flock. The weak need encouragement to walk in the Lord's ways; the sick need correction and guidance; the broken need rest and comfort and recovery; the lost need to be sought with a call to repent and believe in Jesus.