Micah Bemenderfer

June 16, 2024

Passage Read: Jeremiah 37-40
Meditation Verse: 38:17-18


If Zedekiah had humbled himself and surrendered to the king of Babylon, Jerusalem would have been spared. He had power to rescue the city and the temple. But he refused and so both were destroyed. He thought he would fare better by defending himself and the city. As often as he seemed to want to know what the Lord desired, he refused to believe and obey the Lord. He followed the advice of men rather than the instruction of the Lord. And the word of the Lord was proved right.


Many people think they know best how I or others should live, but only God knows what is truly good and right. If God says surrender, then I should surrender. If God says stand firm, then I need to stand firm. The welfare of God's people has to be more important to me then preserving myself, my reputation, my position. Men want to justify themselves and do not want to humble themselves, but I can give up all things and know that the Lord will restore to me anything He truly wants me to have.