Micah Bemenderfer

June 12, 2024

Passage Read: Jeremiah 21-24
Meditation Verses: 23:28-29


God is against all the prophets who speak out of their own ideas and dreams, who do not speak the Word of the Lord, but speak their own ideas and call them "the Word of the Lord." Yet neither is He afraid of their words. He tells them to carry on speaking, as much as they want, because their words are straw compared to the wheat of His Word. His Word is like fire and like a hammer that breaks rock. His Word will stand and all He says will be done; their words are powerless and bring no benefit. Their words will not stand, and they will be cast into eternal torment. God isn't afraid of their words; He's angry at them for leading His people into sin and to not fear sin. So prophets and people will alike be cast away.


The one who has God's Word should speak it in truth. I need to know and understand the Word of the Lord and speak it in truth, not to promote my desires or excuse my sins, not to promote the desires of others or excuse their sins. A prophet who stands in the Lord's council will know what the Lord says, and he must speak His Word to the people to warn them and turn them back from their evil ways and the evil of their deeds. The Word of the Lord calls people back to the righteous ways of the Lord, and it is true and trustworthy, and brings benefit to those who listen. The Word of the Lord warns of doom for the unrighteous and points out the way of righteousness.