Micah Bemenderfer

July 7, 2024

Passage Read: Hosea 4-7
Meditation Verses: 7:13-14


Ephraim is destroyed for lack of knowledge. When God desires to heal them, their sin is uncovered. To them, it is all like a game: Say the magic words when things get tough, offer the right sacrifices when trouble comes, and God will fix things, God will restore blessing. Ephraim would like God to bless them, but they speak lies against Him. He would redeem them, but their cry of misery and repentance is fake. It's all for show. They have no real love for God, no loyalty, no commitment. They just hope to use Him, as if He could be used, as if He wouldn't notice or care.


God is not like that. He sees and knows the heart. I cannot deceive Him by going through the motions that I think He should be pleased with. He looks on my heart, He knows if I worship Him in truth or just in pretense. How do I normally live? That reveals my commitment and loyalty. Do I actually want to know the Lord and His ways? Do I press on to know Him? Do I care what He wrote in His Word, in His Law? It all reveals who He is and what He desires of those who call Him Father and Lord. Do I order my life in accordance with His commands? Do I fear Him and delight in what He has done for me, so that I would never speak evil of Him or do anything that is contrary to His nature? That reveals what is truly in my heart, whether I love and know the Lord or not. His Word may cut me in pieces, but if humble myself and repent and turn myself to walk in His ways, He will redeem me and restore me and raise me up to live again. He wants to redeem me! I need to stop lying to Him, and I certainly need to stop lying about Him, both in word and in deed.