Our simple Christmas
Our simple Christmas

Moving to the Dominican Republic

Dear Praying Friends,

Happy New Year!

“Mom,” James said cheerfully over the phone last week, “My family is better now. My mom and dad are getting along, and I know God will take care of us.” God is doing something new with my 14-year-old former student who lived with us for a few months in China!

If you recall, James had bullied his autistic roommate and was going to be suspended and sent home for a month. We pleaded with the school officials to let him stay with us instead. While he was in our home, he received Jesus as Savior.

From Lily, we’ve learned James studies the Bible weekly with her and another coworker. Teachers used to complain about him, but now they praise him for working diligently during evening study time when many students are goofing off. He also shows concern for others by checking in to see how we’re doing. How encouraging! James is a changed young man!

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