One of MFI's DC-3s - Courtesy of MFI

New Address

Great News!  You can now send us cards, letters and packages pretty easily.  You don't need to send them internationally, just to Florida!

We're now connected to Missionary Flights International, an organization that serves missionaries in the Caribbean.  They fly people, packages and mail from the US to the Dominican Republic (and elsewhere).

So consider this our new address:

    Mark and Rachel Bemenderfer (or Timothy or George)
    3170 Airmans Dr CMADR #3039
    Ft Pierce, FL 34946

The address has also been added to the bottom of our website for easy access.

Feel free to write us the old fashioned way.  Just don't send money in any form (including checks), as that is illegal in the DR and it will be confiscated. If you do send a care package, be sure to send items in just ones or twos. Any one item in large multiples will likely be held up in Customs.