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WELCOME TO OUR NEW NEWSLETTER FROM OUR NEW ORGANIZATION, CROSSWINDS! Crosswinds, a Christian counseling ministry based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, operates Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA), our new place of ministry in the Dominican Republic. They are part of a larger family of counseling ministries that have been serving families and individuals in crisis for more than fifty years. Check out to learn more.

When we visited CMA in September, we were surprised by how similar their practices were to our own parenting experience, which guided our training of James in our home before we left China. Because we were taking personal responsibility for his behavior, we were compelled to monitor that behavior at all times. He lived with us, ate with us, did homework with us, went to class with us, left class with us. We opened our lives to him, in order to disciple him and share Christ. By the grace of God, our “experiment” was successful. He received Christ and, as we’ve mentioned before, he has continued growing under Lily’s care. We had no idea how significant that experience would be in our lives! We were just trying to help a teen in need.

CMA works in much the same way, operating very much like an extended family taking in troubled teens. Loving, caring, instructing, challenging and guiding them through the process of change and growth. Some students have come to Christ, some have been baptized, many rededicated themselves to the Lord. All have been exposed to the love of Christ and the call to godly living.

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