Joshua and Micah with us in Jarabacoa
Joshua and Micah with us in Jarabacoa

Joys and Challenges

Dear Faithful Partners,
Ministry News
The past few months at CMA have been filled with joys and challenges. And God’s been so faithful through them all! 
Some happy points include:
  • A student’s baptism before he left in May. His dad called the change in his life here a miracle! He’s the student we wrote about in our last letter.
  • Another student applying Mark’s sermon about Paul’s steadfastness in trial to a daily life situation when the Boys’ van stalled on an outing.
  • Improvement in many students’ relationships with their families.
  • Male students and staff periodically joining our evening Family Worship and participating in Bible reading and sharing.
  • Helping with three summer Missions Teams from the States.
  • Special care packages from those teams and others! :-)

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