Good friends from CMA Chapel

Transitioning Out of CMA

Dear Friends and Family,

Rochelle* lagged behind Heather*, as if wanting to talk with me privately, so I slowed my gait. The three of us were heading back to the Girls’ House after a movie and tea time at ours. The words spilled out as if being held in far too long.

“Do you guys still have that Family Worship you used to have in the evenings?”

“Yes, we do,” I happily replied.

“Well, can I come tonight because I really want to become a Christian and I need to know how...”

“Of course!” I answered, thrilled to know her spiritual interest.

Rochelle came that night and we learned she was seeking hope in her life and thought she might find it in Jesus. The inside of her forearm revealed cutting scars, her way to deal with the pain of her recent depression. We explained what Jesus had done for her and she chose to believe and even expressed interest in baptism.

That evening with Rochelle and those that followed were one highlight of our time at CMA, as we got to see her begin reading her Bible and journaling each day. We also thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know a new student Jeremiah*, an MK from Peru, who quickly connected with our boys. Desiring to grow in his faith and be around solid Christian guys, he spent time both at our Family Worship and hanging out with us in our home. We’re so grateful, though our job didn’t directly involve relating to students, God gave us these and other special opportunities...