Dads of CYIA/SMAers

Dear Dad,

I'm writing because you have one or more children who have been or have expressed interest in being part of CEF's summer ministry program.  We are honored that you have given us the privilege of investing spiritually in your children.

The goal of the Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) and Summer Missionary Assistant (SMA) program is to prepare high-school and middle-school teens to share the gospel in a way that kids from 4 to 14 years old (and beyond!) can easily understand.  They also learn to counsel younger children to make a decision for Christ, to teach Bible and missionary lessons and songs.  More than that, we desire to give them many as many opportunities as possible to practice these skills, so that they can grow in ability and confidence.  And God willing, they will have the privilege of leading a child to Christ.

The CYIA/SMA program has traditionally been focused on the summer months, with backyard Bible clubs (5-Day Clubs) and VBS programs at smaller churches.  We want to expand on that and offer more opportunities for your CYIAer or SMAer, including opportunities to serve during the school year (Good News Clubs), Kids Blast events, and even a day or two at a county fair!

We're here to serve YOU in your task of training your children to walk with God.  Because of that, we'd like to get together with you, to get to know you better and to understand how we can better serve you and your CYIAer/SMAer.  We'd also like to share in more detail our vision, our plans and our hopes for this summer.  We'd like to build a team, specifically of fathers (I too am the dad of a CYIAer), working together to disciple your son or daughter.

Would you set aside the evening of January 18th to join a dozen or so other dads and learn about what CEF can offer you and your teen?  If you haven't yet committed to the CYIA/SMA program, come and hear what we have in mind, then decide if partnering with CEF is a good fit for you and your family in 2024.  Also, if you know of another dad of middle- or high-schoolers who might be interested, please share this invitation with him.

Email, text or call me to let me know if you can join us on January 18th.  We'll begin at 7pm, but you're welcome to come earlier.  We'll meet at my home: 43 Samoa Dr, Hiawatha, IA 52233.

Working together, we can advance the kingdom of God into the neighborhoods and hearts around us!

May God multiply our efforts for His glory,


Mark Bemenderfer
Administrative Assistant
CEF Hawkeye Chapter